Responsible Design

'Green' has gone from being simply a color to a society changing imperative, and is rapidly becoming the moral and ethical standard to which governments, corporations, and individuals are being held. As with any new trend, there is an avalanche of catchphrases, marketing hype, contradictory advice and confusing standards

At Lightswitch we produce award winning design solutions that are exciting, dynamic and visionary, and we embraced Responsible Design as one of our core values long before it was fashionable. In fact we've been doing it since the company was formed in 1993.

We believe truly Responsible Design also includes the highest degree of fiscally responsibility in terms of our fees, the overall project budget and long-term cost of ownership. We pride ourselves on spending our client?s money as carefully as if it was our own.

Lightswitch excels at balancing cost, form, function, and environmental responsibility. Often a solution can be designed that offers excellence in all four areas. But occasionally there will be situations where the needs of one goal may run contrary to the needs of another in such cases Lightswitch offers our clients clear, understandable recommendations and options to consider. Together we can help you to understand how Green design can work for your project.