Haley Laurence

Lightswitch San Francisco
tel: +1 415 332 7284

From the Bay Area to Bangkok, Haley Laurence has traveled the world in search of great design. After receiving her BFA in Interior Design from the University of North Texas, Haley’s adventurous spirit took her to Australia where she completed a Master of Design Science in Illumination Design at the University of Sydney. She balanced the highly technical coursework with study in Interactive Design and Electronic Arts, including participating in a multidisciplinary team that created an interactive installation for the Vivid Sydney Festival. Haley went on to further study lighting in Asia and America and brings a global perspective to her designs, creating avant-garde lighting concepts that allow her creativity to shine. Her diverse experience includes architectural and themed lighting, conceptual design, custom fixture design, lighting master plans, human-centric design, visual presentation techniques and BIM technology.

  • International Association of Lighting Designers – Associate Member
  • Illuminating Engineering Society - MIES