John Cumiskey

Senior Designer
Lightswitch San Francisco
tel: +1 415 332 7284 x 208

John Cumiskey specializes in the fields of Theatrical and Architectural Lighting Design with a Master of Fine Arts in Theatrical Lighting from Pennsylvania State University. During his 16 years of experience, John has worked in multiple aspects of the industry from production abroad in Ireland and the Middle East, to work as an Assistant Lighting Designer for Blue Man Group which all contribute to his unique style and flair. In addition, John has received 4 Illumination Engineering Society Awards of Merit for his architectural lighting work on Centennial Hills Library, World Market Center, Turnberry Town Square, and Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, proving that his diverse background allows him to create his signature, harmonious yet exciting environments.    

  • National Certification Qualifications for Lighting Professional, ‘LC’
  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • Illuminating Engineering Society