Mike Maio

Senior Director
Lightswitch San Francisco
tel: +1 415 332 7284 x 206

Mike began his love for lighting at a young age, growing up in theatres and backstage. In 2006, he turned his passion for lighting into a BFA from San Francisco State University. Joining Lightswitch that same year Mike dove into the architectural world, earning a Lighting Certified (LC) accreditation and LEED AP certification.  Now with over a decade of Architectural, Theatrical, Themed Environment and Museum Experience. Working on projects in Silicon Valley, Riyadh, Shanghai, Tokyo and Doha, Mike has applied his talents for lighting design, control system design, project management and construction administration across the world. This expert in lighting design and installation supervision mixes the persistence of “the show must go on” with the detail and coordination of architectural coordination, which explains his gift for landing on his feet anywhere.