Norm Schwab

Partner & Principal
Lightswitch San Francisco
tel: +1 415 332 7284 x 201

The quintessential Renaissance man, Norm Schwab has made a career of expanding design expertise while pushing creative boundaries. A BFA Lighting Design graduate from prestigious Carnegie Mellon, his design work spans genres from live theatre to concert events, and from museums to corporate product launches. His wide-ranging assignments have taken him to over 30 countries in 30 years, with current endeavors sending him to Asia and the Middle East. Always an innovator in the industry, his recent design work mixes rock, resort, PBS and YouTube, making him the most eclectic – and saleable – designer around.

  • Illuminating Engineering Society
  • The International Association of Lighting Designers
  • The American Institute of Architects
  • Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers.