Ruben Markowitz

Lightswitch San Francisco
tel: +1 415 332 7284 x 209

Ruben Markowitz brings a unique blend of art and science to Lightswitch. The Carnegie Mellon grad’s diverse background includes robotics, theater, and interactive technology and media design. Ruben earned his technical stripes as prototyper and quality assurance engineer for robotics, interactive experiences and exhibits at art, science and history museums. While pursuing his BFA in Lighting Design, he designed the lighting for operas, plays, dance performances and immersive environments, such as a Martian biome. Ruben enjoys integrating motion-tracking technology with tactile interfaces to control virtual and physical environments. His artistic eye and scientific mind inform his work, like Project Re_, where he designed an adaptive kitchen that measures atmospheric conditions with sensors, then uses lights and projections to tell occupants how to maximize their comfort. A lover of all things tech, Ruben can code in five languages (and counting) and loves to cook when he’s not at his computer.