Thatcher Waller

Senior Designer
Lightswitch Chicago
tel: +1 312 288 8777 x 107
tel: +1 847 487 4273

As museums have evolved, their success in the market place has been directly proportional to their ability to produce an outstanding guest experience. An exceptional experience requires, as a component, memorable exhibit designs by gifted designers. One such designer is Thatcher Waller, who until recently was the Resident Lighting Designer for the Field Museum of Chicago, as well as consultant to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Historical Society, Shedd Aquarium and Maritime Museum. Originally a theatrical lighting designer, he found a niche in museum lighting design 20 years ago and since that time has designed in excess of100 traveling exhibitions and over 20 permanent exhibit halls. Now calling Lightswitch Architectural home, he continues his development of superior lighting design for museums while identifying and tackling further creative challenges.