Marvel Universe LIVE! has brought Marvel Super Heroes to life in a new, live-action, touring arena production.

The U-505 submarine at the Museum of Science and Industry was relit with new energy-efficient lighting.

The Museum of Science and Industry's new, all-LED exhibit explores the presence of patterns in nature

Lightswitch designed a new kind of festive holiday lighting experience at The Morton Arboretum

Lightswitch illuminated a new hybrid production from award-winning director Josh Fox with energy-saving LED lighting

To announce its new corporate branding, Aramark Corporation threw a two-day event that included a sales meeting, brand experience and live shows

Medical device manufacturer Biomet lit up the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons conference with a new knee product and crisp, new lighting.

In a first for Electronic Arts, the video game company launched its new titles at a press event at the Shrine Expo Hall.

Lightswitch designed media for iconic rock band Journey's 2014 North American tour.

Lightswitch relighted the Shedd Aquarium's "At Home on the Great Lakes" exhibit with LED lighting.