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EA Play 2018

Electronic Arts | Hollywood, CA | 2018

Electronic Arts held their second successful EA Play event at the Hollywood Palladium.

What It Was

Electronic Arts returned to the legendary Hollywood Palladium for their highly successful EA PLAY 2018 event, which takes place three days before the opening of the E3 trade show. 

What We Did

Working again with Plumbago Productions, Lightswitch designed lighting for the entire experience including numerous indoor and outdoor spaces.   The “Creator’s Cave” occupied the Palladium’s legendary auditorium and included a live event stage, competition gaming, hospitality, and corporate press areas.  This year’s “Fan Fest” took over the venue’s parking lot and included immersive branded gaming experiences where everyone from VIPs to the public could test drive unreleased upcoming game titles.  We lit the entire experience for live television broadcast, as well as for the live audience that occupied the entire venue for the following days.  The Fan Fest also included a live entertainment festival-style stage with 12+hours of live entertainment each day.  We designed and directed lighting that was visible in daylight and brought the outdoor stage to life throughout the day.

Why It Worked

Lightswitch’s extensive experience lighting exhibits, themed experiences, and both live entertainment and broadcast television events meant that we were well-versed in every aspect of this project.  Together with our long history lighting both exhibits and events for EA, we had the unique capability of combining these varied design requirements with our deep knowledge of the EA brand values. The final result was a single cohesive and brand-appropriate lighting strategy.

Photography by Jeff Granbery