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Nintendo E3 exhibit 2017

Nintendo | Los Angeles, CA | 2017

Nintendo held it's annual E3 exhibit, fully immersing players into "New Donk City", the fictional location from their game "Mario Odyssey".

What It Was

Nintendo doubled down on its 2016 immersive-themed E3 experience by recreating “New Donk City,” a fictional location from their new game title Mario Odyssey inside their 20,000 square foot E3 show floor exhibit space. Full-scale building facades, streets, and parks, occupied by characters and other elements from the game, led to a large competition gaming stage at the end of the space, keeping the environment alive with excitement.

What We Did

Lightswitch again worked with Ralph Miller Productions and treated this entire environment as a themed environment, lighting the buildings backdrops and other elements, just as we would scenery for a theatrical production or a themed attraction. Lighting mounted to and embedded in the architecture brought everything to life and gradually changed with a 30-minute day-to-night cycle, complete with sunset, thunderstorm, and simulated fireworks show.  The various characters and prop elements from the game were made realistic with interactive sound and lighting effects.  The competition stage was treated as its own performance, bringing the visual spectacle of a mini music festival to the exhibition.

Why It Worked

Lightswitch’s 20+ year history with Nintendo continues to be challenged with exciting and creative opportunities, and this year was no different.  Our extensive experience in exhibit and environmental lighting design, as well as themed attractions and live entertainment, combined into a single branded experience that was the must-see highlight of the show.

Photography by Jeff Granbery