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Shareholder Meeting

Walmart | Fayetteville, AK | 2015

Wal-Mart held it's International Shareholder Meeting, including three events and two concerts, for 45,000 attendees.

What It Was

Several times a year, Wal-Mart puts on internal meetings, but the retail giant’s Shareholder Meeting, Year Beginning Meeting, and Holiday Meetings are just a few of the large-scale events they put on for employees, managers, and executives. The Shareholder meeting alone includes three events, two concerts, and 45,000 attendees.

What We Did

Our team provided lighting and for the entire Shareholder Meeting, as well as smaller breakout meetings and the business meeting. We coordinated closely with the lighting designers for the musical acts, which included Pharrell, Robin Thicke, Rod Steward, Mariah Carey, Trisha Yearwood, and numerous others, all of whom wanted time to program their show. A major challenge for our team was making the most of one lighting rig that had to serve both business and concert use. With a heavily media-based multi-day show, the schedule was intense but the outcome was inspiring.

Why It Worked

Our creative ways to address challenges and experience with shows of this scale was a perfect match for Wal-Mart. Through technology, immersive media, and our team’s ability to be quick on our feet, the Wal-Mart Shareholder Meeting was a success from start to finish.