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Art House

Sook Jin Jo | Tipitapa, Nicaragua | 2018

Lightswitch worked in collaboration with Korean artist, Sook Jin Jo, to create a simple lighting display that let her art speak for itself. Photo Credit: Sook Jin Jo

What It Was

During a time of political protests against the Nicaraguan President and his government, Korean born artist Sook Jin Jo wanted her “Art House” to be an immersive and spiritual experience created at the site of an abandoned carpentry shop, on the grounds of a missionary church and school.

What We Did

Our team has worked with Sook Jin Jo on a number of other projects and our mission on this project was no different: to create very simple lighting that contributes to the art of the space without distracting or taking undue attention for itself. The space wanted to be inviting, so we chose warm LED lighting. Because the space is covered but exposed to elements, we suggested outdoor rated fixtures to create and complement the architecture. As lighting consultants for the project, we advised on the fixture placement and effects, while the actual selection and implementation was done by the artist.

Why It Worked

Taking inspiration from the local architecture, Sook Jin Jo’s art chapel embodies a spiritual place where anyone is welcome to find healing, hope, and inspiration. The lighting strategy enhances this experience by complementing, rather than overpowering, the space.