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Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau | Beverly Hills, CA | 2017

Beverly Hills upped their decoration game with high tech and contemporary instillations curated and created by Lightswitch.

What It Was

The City of Beverly Hills wanted to up their holiday decoration game with something more high tech and contemporary as part of an initiative to attract more visitors to the city’s “Golden Triangle” after dark, and help keep retail and hospitality open later in the day.

What We Did

Lightswitch curated and created five distinct lighting installations in the park and several of the high-traffic thoroughfares.  We worked with the Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau to develop new displays that utilized more theatrical, sculptural, and artistic approaches to add a new dimension to the traditional decorations that the city still utilizes throughout the city limits.  We also brought in sculptural artists HYBYCOZO to install six of their signature pieces in a city park.  In addition, we collaborated with experience marketing group Agen-C to bring the same excitement and innovation to the famous Rodeo Drive.

Why It Worked

The new installations added a layer of modernity and sophistication to the festive but traditional holiday decorations that have returned year after year to the city’s streets and public spaces. Adding these new experiences helped create a destination and assisted in driving consumers to the city after dark as part of their BOLD initiative.