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Electronic Arts - E3 press event 2015

Los Angeles | 2015

Electronic Arts returned to Los Angeles' Shrine Expo Hall for this year's E3 press briefing.

What It Was

Electronic Arts returned to the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles for its E3 press briefing this year. Event producer Plumbago Productions evolved the open, inviting space with a new environment design that featured a stage surrounded by tables where guests could eat, drink and mingle, as well as mezzanine-level seating.

What We Did

Lightswitch has designed EA’s press event for the past six years, including the last two years at the Shrine Auditorium. We worked with Plumbago Productions to ensure that the 2015 event was even more exciting and dynamic than ever before. With 54,000 square feet of open space and no existing stage, the expo hall tasked the design team with creating a unique and well-defined environment for the event. The event was televised and broadcast online so all lighting was designed to be as bold and impactful on camera as it was in person.

Why It Worked

As our client’s needs evolve, so do our designs. This year EA wanted to continue its positive progress with a new look for its E3 press event venue. We responded by creating a fresh, original design for the event that responded to the unique needs of the venue, broadcast well on TV, and engaged all who attended.

photography by Jeff Granbery