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Haggin Museum Fine Art Galleries

Stockton, California | 2017

Complete renovation and update to the lighting and controls of the Haggin Museum's Fine Art Galleries, which include renowned works of art from Béraud, Gérôme and Renoir. Photography by Kelly Roberson.

What it Was

Located in Stockton, California, the Haggin Museum is an art and history museum often referred to as "one of the under sung gems of California." The impressive brick building has stood in the center of Stockton’s lush Victory Park for over 85 years, but it is the works of art inside that make the museum so special. On display in the fine art galleries are dozens of paintings by renowned 19th- and early 20th-century American and European artists, including Béraud, Gérôme and Renoir, and a collection of breathtaking panoramas of Yosemite Valley American painter Albert Bierstadt.

What we Did

Working with exhibit designers Galliger and Associates on the extensive renovation process, we seamlessly coordinated all of the lighting. Because the building had undergone various improvements over the years - resulting in an uncoordinated lighting system that was difficult to maintain -lighting remained a major factor throughout the renovation. We replaced all the old fixtures with high performance LED lights, saving energy and allowing for minimal maintenance. A new lighting control system was installed, including occupancy sensors to prevent photo degradation and protect watercolor and pastel artworks. In addition, the new fixtures also don’t produce UV light and heat, which can damage the pigments in the paintings.

Why it Worked

Because lighting in an art gallery is so important for both visitor experience and conservation, our ability to create easy-to-use and seamless lighting and controls was critical. The space was transformed into a place of reverence and preservation, where serene and contemplative lighting allows the works of art to shine through.