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Imagine Dragons 'Night Moves' Tour

Imagine Dragons | World Tour | 2013

Terms like ‘breakout’ and ‘smash hit’ are easy to bands, but in the case of Imagine Dragons, they actually fit.

What It Was

Terms like ‘breakout’ and ‘smash hit’ are easily to bands, but in the case of Imagine Dragons they actually fit. This Las Vegas based indie rock band have erupted onto the charts and into hearts of fans worldwide, and Billboard Magazine described their recent single Radioactive as ‘one of the most prophetic titles in Billboard chart history.’

What We Did

Working with regular Lightswitch collaborator Nook Schoenfeld, we began working with this band in January of 2013, with a tour design that had to fit in a Ryder truck. Together with Nook, we took input from the band and created a compact, flexible video design to compliment Nooks lighting and set design, that brought an arena aesthetic to club size shows, but with an eye to future expansion...and a good job too! By summer 2013 Imagine Dragons were playing amphitheaters and arenas with a multi-truck production.

Why It Worked

The design for Imagine Dragons was always conceived with scaleability and expansion in mind, so when the band exploded and venue sizes rapidly increased, efficient design meant that elements and ideas used in the club design were scaled into in the larger production, and nothing was wasted. The band were and are deeply engaged in all aspects of their production, and collaborated with Nook and Lightswitch to ensure the design was an extension of their taste and particular aesthetic. The rapturous response the band receives live proves we’re helping Imagine Dragons make a big impression with their fans!