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Infiniti North American Auto Shows 2013-2015

Detroit and New York | 2015

Lightswitch designed the lighting for the new booth and in-booth press events.

What It Was

Content was king at Infiniti’s 2014-15 North American auto show exhibit. The luxury car brand revealed a new auto show identity in Detroit that immersed visitors in Infiniti-branded content. Exhibit producer and architect George P. Johnson designed the new exhibit booth, which featured a massive video screen surround that served as the backdrop for Infiniti’s product unveilings and press events.

What We Did

Lightswitch designed the lighting for the new booth and in-booth press events. In keeping with Infiniti’s goal of creating an immersive, experiential environment, Lightswitch designed lighting that supported the content-based booth architecture and showcased the vehicles on display. To keep visitors’ focus on the video screen surround, we used an unobtrusive, black overhead lighting grid that visually receded into the ceiling. The canopy-mounted lighting fixtures spotlighted cars on the exhibit floor and bathed the audience in richly colored illumination that complemented the on-screen imagery during press events, serving as an extension of video surround.

Why It Worked

Our dual talents in lighting and media design allowed us to create booth and event lighting that enhanced Infiniti’s content-based exhibit environment. Having designed the carmaker’s auto show lighting since 2006, we understand the company’s brand and its evolving needs. Infiniti’s new auto show look reflected its core goal of engaging customers in an emotional, performance-based experience and distinguished it from its competitors.

Photography by

Kathryn Rapier and Jeff Granbery