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Infiniti North American Auto Shows 2017-18

Infiniti | Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL | 2017-2018

Lightswitch aided Infiniti in showcasing their brand identity by creating a stunning exhibit design and lighting.

What It Was

Infiniti took their global auto show brand identity to major North American markets in the 2017-2018 auto show season with a stunning exhibit design and brilliant lighting.

What We Did

Working with experience design agency George P. Johnson, we took Infiniti’s global auto show design direction and developed lighting designs for the Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago auto show exhibits that stayed true to the Infiniti brand while adapting to technologies available stateside, and fitting within the physical restrictions of the US venues.

Why It Worked

The ultra-bright and crisp lighting scheme that has become part of Infiniti’s auto show brand stayed front and center, while our design saw this creative direction through within budget and on schedule.