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Infiniti QX30 Reveal

Los Angeles | 2015

What It Was

Infiniti switched gears for the reveal of its new QX30 model at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Rather than introduce the car on the show floor as in years past, the automaker unveiled it at a one-of-a-kind, offsite event. Experience marketing agency George P. Johnson created a branded, luxury environment at a local warehouse that set the stage for the reveal.

What We Did

Working with frequent collaborator George P. Johnson, Lightswitch provided lighting and visual design for the product launch and venue. Our goal was to create an exclusive event and environment that would resonate with the car’s target demographic: Young, stylish urbanites across the globe. For the launch, guests watched as a wall of drone-controlled light cubes flew away, one by one, to reveal the QX30. We designed video content and lighting for the reveal and assisted cube designer, fabricator and choreographer Aerial Mob on the shades and lighting for the internally illuminated cubes. Lightswitch also transformed the venue inside and out. Outside, we added vibrant illumination that made the warehouse façade pop amidst the industrial surroundings. Inside, our video projections and light art installations gave the space a hip art gallery vibe. We created abstracted urban images that were projected onto surfaces throughout the venue, while additional media displays showed time-lapse visuals of different cities in real time to emphasize the car’s global reach.

Why It Worked

As the long-time lighting designer for Infiniti’s auto show exhibits and events, Lightswitch knows how to convey the company’s brand. So when the company wanted a new direction, we responded with lighting and visuals that hit the mark. Our multidisciplinary approach blended architectural and theatrical lighting with creative, custom media to create a fresh, sophisticated and on-brand environment worthy of the new QX30.