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Lindsey Stirling World Tour

Lindsey Stirling | World Tour | 2014

One part dubstep DJ, one part Dvořák, Lindsey Stirling is a truly original artist.

What It Was

One part dubstep DJ, one part Dvořák, Lindsey Stirling is a truly original artist. A violinist, composer, performer and dancer, Stirling is known for her unique pairing of violin and electronic dance music, or EDM. The YouTube sensation and America’s Got Talent alum took to the stage for her second international tour, which kicked off in May and runs through 2015.

What We Did

Working with management company Atom Factory and lighting designer Andrew Nissley, Lightswitch designed vibrant media content for the tour. Stirling, herself an experienced visual and video designer, provided artistic direction for every aspect of the show, which included a kinetic media wall backdrop that displayed content on an orb-shaped screen called “the Stargate.” Since performance and staging are central to Stirling’s show, the team focused on creating a cohesive stage, lighting and content design plan that seamlessly aligned with the artist’s vision. We collaborated closely with Stirling to ensure that the content captured the mood of each of the 17 songs, which ranged from cinematic environments for slower songs to abstract, energetic patterns for faster numbers, with a smattering of Stirling’s existing music videos. We also partnered with Nissley to coordinate our video content with the lighting color palette and movement, a must given the extremely precise nature of EDM.

Why It Worked

Like Stirling, our background combines elements of theater, entertainment and art, making us a perfect partner for this multi-talented rising star. We were excited to bring our many years of diverse experience to an exciting new genre and relished the opportunity to work with this innovative new artist. In just two short weeks, we created content that brought her one-of-a-kind vision to life. select photography by Sayre Berman