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Nissan 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show

Nissan | Los Angeles, CA | 2016

Nissan paired with the film Rogue One; A Star Wars Story in order to unveil the newest edition of their highest selling vehicle, The Rogue.

What It Was

Nissan unveiled a special edition of their highest selling vehicle, The Rogue, as part of a marketing tie-in with the release of the feature film Rogue One; A Star Wars Story, as a live press event at the 2016 LA Auto Show.

What We Did

Working with Event Producer George P. Johnson Company, Lightswitch oversaw lighting and special effects design for this immersive live event.  The Nissan Rogue was positioned center stage on a motion-controlled turntable. As it moved in sync with custom media content created by Spinifex Group on a giant curved video screen, we created the illusion that the vehicle was inside the image.  Drawing from the formula successfully used in 4D theme park attractions around the world, the lighting, atmospheric effects, lasers, and pyrotechnics were all designed and choreographed with the image to break the plane of the video screen and immerse the Rogue, as well as the live audience, in the action.

Why It Worked

Combining our experience in live event design as well as theme park attractions, we played a central collaborative role in the creation of this exciting and memorable event.  Nissan’s over-the-top press event capitalized on the marketing buzz surrounding the movie, and was a highlight of the show.

photography by Jeff Granbery