Reflecting their reputation for superior design, Lightswitch Architectural, an award-winning international lighting and media design company, has been chosen by Pei Partnership Architects of New York to create comprehensive lighting for their new project, the Bank of China International Finance Tower in Suzhou, China. Currently in design phases, the Bank of China Tower will be comprised of two structures, a 100-meter tower and a low building with generous perimeter exposure, advantageously located between two canals in the city.

Pei Partnership Architects, who have a history with Bank of China, have set out distinctive and sophisticated plans for the Bank of China Tower in Suzhou, drawing on simplicity and clean lines to reflect the strength and dignity of the banking giant. Lightswitch Architectural has been tasked with the responsibility of providing lighting design for the interiors, exteriors, landscapes, banking halls and event auditorium of the dual buildings in the Tower complex, and will work with Pei Partnership on integrating sustainable technologies and balancing use of available light for energy saving. Lightswitch Principal in New York, Howard Werner, states, “This opportunity to design for Bank of China confirms a growing presence for us in Asia - and abroad - and provides an excellent vehicle for us to bring our knowledge of emerging technologies to the project.”

Lightswitch Architectural will be represented on the Bank of China project by two teams of experienced designers from their New York and San Francisco offices. Mauricio Lopez, of the New York office, will serve as Project Manager and Senior Designer, and Janelle Drouet will be heading the San Francisco team as Senior Designer.