Avraham Mor, Lighting Designer, Lightswitch, Inc.

My main concern when specifying LED lighting is not how long it will last, but how the fixture or lamp will be replaced when it does eventually burn out. As a lighting designer, I could be held liable for the cost of ripping out drywall or replacing conduit. The only LED fixtures I will use on a job are ones which can be maintained without major disruption.

Many manufacturers assume an LED fixture will last long enough that it can just be thrown out at the end of its life. They don't design them with replaceable parts, or they don't sell replacement parts. If the manufacturer designs the fixture with connectors which allow the LED array and driver to be replaced without changing the housing or wiring in the walls, the user can maintain the fixture.

Manufacturers face the challenge of providing replacement parts or repair service for a rapidly changing technology. This may not be economically viable. But the problem remains that this business is not set up to throw out fixtures. After investing in expensive LED lighting during the construction phase, building owners don't want to spend a lot of money tearing out walls when it's time to replace it.