Several years ago, we had a ‘lightbulb’ moment, we made the decision to work with Lightswitch and what a decision that ended up being! I can’t imagine producing one of our milestone events now without them! Not only are they at the top of their game bringing any location and project to life with such artistic proficiency but they are the nicest people to work with. From concept development right through to delivery, Lightswitch are a dream to work with and have strategically helped design some our most spectacular events to date (including an award-winner) that have remained true to our overarching purpose and brand values.  

Michelle Jackley | Senior Marketing & Events Manager | Virgin Galactic

  Working with Howard and the team from Lightswitch is an excellent and fulfilling experience. We collaborate with them from the very beginning of a project until the debrief at the end and together we have produced some spectacular projects for clients like HEINEKEN, Lowe’s, and Walmart amongst others. I would highly recommend them as a partner  

Mark Shearon | Founder | PROSCENIUM

  Following extensive interviews in the architectural lighting field in 2010 we appointed Lightswitch Architectural as our lighting designers for the Bank of China Tower in Suzhou, China. As the Bank of China is our most valued client, and as the Suzhou Tower is the most important commission the Bank has given to this office in recent years, our decision was not made lightly particularly has we had not previously worked with Lightswitch. This project is now well under construction.

We have been absolutely delighted with the work that Lightswitch has done, led by Howard Werner and very ably backed-up by Mauricio Lopez. At the personal level they have been a pleasure to work with throughout a design process that has at times been particularly difficult. Not only have they been creative and aesthetically sensitive to our needs but they have backed up their work with solid technical data. They have also persevered patiently and courteously in the face of ongoing work by local members of the team whose knowledge of lighting and whose approach to design is so very much less sophisticated.

At all times they have demonstrated a level of professionalism that is exceptional.

This office is deeply appreciative of Lightswitch Architectural’s work for us and will unhesitatingly approach them again when the next appropriate opportunity arises.  


   We've worked with the team from Lightswitch for many years. We include them seamlessly as part of our team from initial creative through execution. In every instance they have delivered superior work. They're always collaborative and keen on seeing the big picture of what our clients' needs are. All of our team enjoys working with Lightswitch!   

Steve Shlansky | Founder and CEO | GO! Experience Design

   I have had the pleasure to work steadily with Lightswitch for almost 20 years. There isn’t one of my events that I ever think to myself….is this project right for John Featherstone and his team? And the reason is because they are right for EVERY project. As all Executive Producers know….it doesn’t matter how good your creative is if it doesn’t come together right onsite, you have failed. With Lightswitch I don’t ever have to worry about that! This is a partner that "gets it”. They thinks broadly across the whole spectrum of creative and know how to activate ideas and connect with our audiences. John is involved every step of the way…media design, environmental design, of course lighting design, room layout, etc. John stays involved during the entire development and production process!

There are a few key reasons why I consistently tap Lightswitch for all of my projects…

  1. I believe their expertise in architectural lighting makes them a superior event lighting company. Its not about illuminating an environment….it’s about bringing it to life!
  2. John works very hard to stay in touch with all the newest technology. I always feel like we are delivering state-of-art solutions to our clients.
  3. Lightswitch – John — is a partner to our development and production team. He is always there with a solution to every problem that comes up.
  4. The folks at Lightswitch are great to work with…from design, to equipment, to onsite personal, through final reconciliation they are there!
  5. These guys are fun! Our jobs are stressful enough, its so refreshing to partner with a group of the most talented professionals in the business and really enjoy being with them!!!! That’s the kind of partner we need!!

Kevin Harrell | Partner | Kindle Communications

   I have had the pleasure of working with John and the Lightswitch team for a number of years now, and they never cease to amaze me. They enter each of my projects with a terrific attitude, unwavering commitment and flexibility, and of course some of the most creative lighting design I have ever worked with. I could not imagine producing any show without them as my lighting partner.   

James Giroux | Sr. Executive Producer | Wilson Dow Group

   I have worked with John and the Lightswitch team on a signature experience at The Morton Arboretum for over five years, and have been consistently delighted with their collaborative approach, sharp pencil, and innovative concepts leading to a positive visitor experience. John and his team enthusiastically embrace our mission--and it shows in the ways we are able to interpret and bring to life the beauty and magic of trees during the coldest, darkest time of the year. John is involved and always looking out for our best interests from the entire concept development and production process through to the last night!   

Sue Wagner | Vice President of Education and Information | The Morton Arboretum

   I have had the privilege of working with the Lightswitch team for more than 18 years on projects large and small. From a large medical tradeshow exhibit, to unveiling a spacecraft in the Mojave desert, Lightswitch is always the first call we make. We count on the Lightswitch team for creativity, which certainly includes lighting design, but extends far beyond that. We consider Lightswitch an integral part of our creative team, and appreciate that they come to the table with ideas that touch every aspect of the project’s success. With the Lightswitch team you can count on the quality of the execution matching the level of creativity, from thinking flexibly about the budget to the technical integration into the complete project. Our team regularly relies on the Lightswitch team not only for feedback on ideas but also for overall planning.   

Justin Hersh | Chief Executive | Group Delphi

   Since 1985, Executive Visons Inc, a full service experiential marketing agency, has helped our clients excite, educate and entertain their audiences with compelling, unique and bespoke events and experiences. To achieve that, I assemble teams of the 'best of the best' production professionals from around the world. When my need is for lighting and visual design, there is only one place I turn - Lightswitch. For 22 years Lightswitch have consistently exceeded my expectations with their creativity, flexibility and knowledge. Lightswitch stays ahead of the technology curve but always on the cutting edge, not the bleeding edge - what they bring to us always works, on time and on budget. As an executive producer I take comfort from knowing I'm dealing with a company with a deep bench and real proven resources, not just a single designer or an informal group of consultants. From leaders like John Featherstone and Chris Medvitz to the team of professionals they bring with them to our projects, I am always 100% certain Lightswitch will play a key part in the success of my project. Lightswitch excels not only as a key part of the EVI creative team, but also on site ensuring our client’s vision is flawlessly executed. On projects from arena scale meetings for clients such as Aramark, Intel and NuSkin to TV broadcast entertainment spectaculars like Concert for World Children's Day and JCPenney Jam, I rest easier knowing Lightswitch is on my team.   

Michael I. Marto | President & CEO | Executive Visions Inc.