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Green Lighting Isn’t Just About Wicked

Lightswitch Architectural LEEDS the Discussion at Design Industry Annual Conference

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Creativity, responsibility, energy and theatricality described lighting’s impact on interior and exterior design at NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2009 held June 15th - 17th. Avraham Mor, LEED AP, partner at Lightswitch Architectural, an award winning provider of architectural lighting design services, facilitated two discussions that emphasized the place lighting has in design.

The Green revolution has affected many industries with lip service, but the aesthetic and financial outcomes for lighting are real. A highly skilled Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) professional can help a design project to reflect the desired mood and save considerable energy costs when using the correct technologies. Lightswitch Architectural’s Mor understands this and, along with other lighting design colleagues, provided case studies for his first presentation, “LEED for Lighting: Green Lighting Is Not Just About Wicked”. He also talked through the common challenges and misconceptions, “There is so much new environmental and cost conscious technology out there right now, it is important that we understand how and when to use it effectively – for the good of our clients, profession and the planet.”

Another major professional issue for lighting designers was highlighted in Mor’s second talk, “From Design to Construction: How To Maintain Control of Your Lighting Design”. Mor’s perspective summarizes the need for the lighting designer to have the knowledge base that enables them to use the left brain technical skills with right brain creativity. “This allows the lighting designer to blend the vision of the architect and interior designer with the technical aspects of fixtures, lamps, dimmers, and other technologies. The result is a “wow” for creativity AND technicality.” Too often, tricky lighting details or specifications can be cut out during the initial stages, only to become costly additions during installation.

“It was exciting to present twice at such a large meeting of industry icons. The Merchandise Mart and NeoCon represent an important gathering – where stakeholders come together to share information that helps build best practices and projects. After all, it’s about collaboration and cooperation to provide our client with our most impressive work. This allowed us to do so – learning from each other”, concludes Mor. Highlights and presentations from NeoCon can be found by contacting Lightswitch Architectural at 312.288.8777.