Stories Lightswitch Designs Lighting for Monster Mansion at Six Flags over Georgia.
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Lightswitch Designs Lighting for Monster Mansion at Six Flags over Georgia.

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Lightswitch has designed lighting for the “Monster Mansion” attraction, which recently opened at Six Flags over Georgia in Atlanta. The attraction produced and designed by Gary Goddard Entertainment (GGE) was a multi-million dollar renovation of the 27 year-old attraction previously called “The Monster Plantation.”

Commenting on the overall design effort, Lead Lighting Designer Edward S. Marks, based out of the Lightswitch Los Angeles office explained, “We listened carefully to the concerns and needs of the Creative Director Taylor Jeffs and Art Director Bob Baranick when developing the designs and incorporated their feedback into our design solutions. We also worked closely with the local systems integrator, Entertainment Design Group and Sound Designer Ted King. The design features gear from ETC, Rosco, GAM, TMB and Color Kinetics. From design creation to opening day was roughly 15 weeks. Working with the Six Flags and GGE team headed by producer Barry Kemper and project manager Kirk Powell was a joy.”

When asked about the concept for lighting the attraction, Michael Lagrotteria, Associate Lighting Designer on the project responded, “The attraction is very unique in its style and color. We felt the pressure of getting this one just right for the local community. As we learned while working on this, this attraction is a long loved local favorite. We chose to use a lot color and break ups, the goal was to create depth and texture throughout.” 

This was another project in a list of successful projects Lightswitch have worked on with the GGE team, including the highly successful Six Flags Glow in the Park Parades. 

Lightswitch is a design consortium committed to the continuing pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the design process. Lightswitch creates lighting and visual design for events, environments, entertainment and architecture, with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Orlando. For more info visit

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